Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catch up when you Fall Back!

November 1st!?! Being from upstate NY this has to be one of the weirdest things about being a little south. We still have leaves on the trees!! (and green leaves too!) The first picture is our pink dogwood in our front yard, and this tree is beautiful all year! But it is a bit cooler today (50F) but really November 1st? It should be cold and desolate and we should be begging dad to turn the heat on!!

So it is Daylight Savings, and a bad idea for a night shifter is to work the actual night that the clocks go back, but it did give me one whole night to think about everything I should do or could be doing. My momo said you need to update your blog. So now I am super updating. I put a couple of projects that have been done for a long time on tonight and I also have a special picture for my family that I know they are waiting to see...
YEA!! I'm engaged!! Don't you just love it?! I totally forgot I could put that picture here and everyone would see it with ease!

Also, I have a whole slew of socks that I am meaning to post as well as my kitchen decorations, but it is almost dinner time here so I will promise to get more blogging done later!

Baby presents!

My close friend at Hopkins is going to have a little boy!!!! Since I love her so dearly and I am sure that I will love her little one so dearly, I made her a baby present. I had the time and the total cost was $26.00. The pattern for the cardigan is from but I changed a lot of it. Mainly the collar, but it came out really well. I already had made a sweater for my sweetie nephew 4 months ago with a snake on it (check out which I really liked and I didn't want to get bored with this project so modifications came in to keep me interested.

Oh but the $26.00 was not on yarn or buttons, here are the cutie onesies and burp cloths I made her too!

The fabric was too cute I couldn't resist!!! I just varied the placement of the fusible web patches I made (that little one is on the bottom!) and button hole stitched around them by hand to give them a finished look. The little ducky only has a few stars that hold him on, but the fusible web is pretty strong after ironing and how long will these actually last? (one spit-up per wearing) haha

The burp cloths were done the same way with a button hole stitch along the edges of the fused panels. I also left some space at the end to fold the fabric over to leave a clean edge. They are so cute!!!!!!! (and soo easy!)
Don't you just love babies?!