Monday, July 30, 2007

Yea for presents!! Christmas in July

What's better than listening to music?? Making CDs for your friends! And while your being all crafty creating the ultimate playlist, get crafty with the case. Here's the problem, regular jewel cases only hold what two discs?
Well when you are a
music enthusist like I am, you have to be able to give about 10 cds to your friend because "he has to listen to them all!!" Enter the woven construction paper case. This is quite durable and yes, I did get all 10 cds in! Just cut thin strips and then cut strips in a piece of paper, but don't go all the way to the end, it helps to hold everything together. maybe 15 minutes? But memorable for your friends!

I guess I will put my music recommendations here, basically the cds I made for him. (some of the artists I put all of the albums I have by them so it adds up to 10):
1. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- they are so awesome
2. Mastadon- they open up for TOOL they kick ass if you are feeling you need some metal in your life
3. Le Tigre-including a remix of their album "This Island"
4. The Rapture- this gets stuck in your head
5. Mates of State- I can't even comment they are so good
6. Pedro the Lion- I like them so they must be good.
And maybe a couple of other ones, but it's hard to keep track.

Wait, that's not all, I have been on vacation for two weeks now and I went and got a TV thing so that now I can burn DVDs on my computer. Well to catch up all my friends with no cable, how about some DVDs and cases of the best show ever?
You're still not watching it? maybe I'll make you a DVD then.... but check out the cases.

How awesome are those? HaHa that's David Bowie on the inside of that one. You have to watch it to get the joke. Just your basic third grade collage from magazines and scraps of paper, but YOU MADE IT!

One more present, remember my momo's socks... They are done! I loved working with this yarn from Woolworks. It's 100% superwash Merino wool hand dyed in "lilypad." One skein makes one pair of socks, but I do have a little bit of yarn left over. I did splurge and go back and buy another color "desert sand" but you will have to wait for those ones. This is also my first pattern that was a lacy design and I am way psyched about how they came out. Enjoy momo!

I guess I put those pictures up pretty messy, but I only have 3 more days off so I have plenty more to do besides arranging pictures. And look how selfless I was with all of those presents. (that was pretty selfish to say huh?) Bike still in progress, this is a long project.... Did you go to a concert yet?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bike in Progress...

Wow, it's been a while and you know why? Stupid moving! I HATE MOVING! It was a lot of work, and of course, I procrastinated as much as possible. Including a trip to Charlotte, NC, taking not one but two bikes apart and not stopping even though my apartment was in boxes. And since it's my blog can I just say I hate the monopoly company for cable in Baltimore Comcast, which I will now be calling "ComCastration." But enough about that, here's something crafty that I have been working on....

Yep, that is a three speed bike!!! Rock on! Veggie Liz found it for me on Craig's list and we picked up this bike <-

for this part ->

So the whole thing will make a DREAM MACHINE on this bike frame! How awesome is this going to be?

So I must send out props to my local bike shop that got all of the pieces off for me that I couldn't muscle myself. They totally deserve it!! And Veggie Liz because only we can get into these projects together!!
If you like to bike, then you should definitely build your own dream machine. It's very gratifying and way fun!
Now for some recommendations: Wait! we should have a meeting....Let's take attendance:
Beauty? Present. Ok now for the meeting....
That brings me to the first item on the agenda:
The Flight of the Conchords.
If you are not watching this..Why?? It's hysterical. I love Jemaine and Brett.
Second item on the agenda:
Go to a concert this summer. You must have a day off that you can just go see a band, a local band, a huge band, a guy in the park with a banjo, just go.
I guess that's it for now. Not a whole lot today but more bike porn to come and maybe some artsy-fartsy stuff later.
Momo, I promise I'm working on your socks!