Friday, May 11, 2007

First time

Ok here goes, my debut on the world wide web. Not only do I have a blog now, I also have a digital camera. I'm pretty crafty and for my first post I have pictures to add too!! So what could possibly be good about my best friend having a kid? I get to be an AWESOME aunt!!! This can get you in trouble, but also it poses plenty of opportunities to crack yourself up! So for my first crafty idea, homemade T-Shirts! Just premade shirts and Iron-On letters. There are tons of colors and styles of letters to choose from. I have given Cole plenty of T-Shirts, all funny, some "inappropriate" but these are the first ones I have made.

Hysterical huh? "IM A PIRATE" is just funny. Now imagine a 1 year old just wearing it for the heck of it! And "DUNDER MIFFLIN"? Well if you have to ask, it's from the greatest show on television The Office.

This one is for Veggie Liz. I'm not going to even explain it, long story,but it might just be an inspiration for you to get crafty or just crack up you and your friends.

And now for vacation!! With Erin Bearin and Cole and a bunch of partiers in NC! More crafty posts to come!!

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SewDivaDiane said...

Looking good Beauty! Have a great vacation!