Friday, June 8, 2007

Jump into SOCKS!!

My first knitted pair of socks!! It was really just getting over the fear and horror stories of others that was the hardest. I taught myself to knit on two circular needles from Cat Bordhi's book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. Picking up the gusset stitches was a little confusing, but God bless your local yarn store and all of the people who work there. (This is the plug for my Baltimore store Woolworks and their website is These are the basic socks and after I got the first one done, it was just a matter of sitting down to do the second, and now I'm hooked! Check out how I even got the self-striping yarn to line up (a little obsessiveness on my part).And if you don't know how to knit on two circulars, I highly recommend learning to do so because I am never going to do any sort of tube any other way. I'm not giving up my dpns yet, but this it is so fast to knit on two circulars.

I have a zillion projects in the works too. Quilts and fabric all over the place, beads rolling all over, and did I mention I'm moving? What better time to start a million things so then I have to pack them up mid project?

On a different note here are the CDs you should listen to RIGHT NOW! Ok maybe not right now but here are some June recommendations: I am a little behind as far as recommending them when they were released but this will be a comprehensive list.
1. Neon Bible -The Arcade Fire
2. Year Zero -Nine Inch Nails
3. We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank -Modest Mouse
4. American Doll Posse -Tori Amos
5. Fear of a Blank Planet -Porcupine Tree
6. Houses of the Holy -Led Zeppelin.
It has been a bit since I have gone to the record store so I am sure there will be another list to come. That Arcade Fire CD though.... yum. It's quite profound. And the Mighty Zep, well you should be listening to at least one album every day.
And speaking of music, how funny is this? Last night, veggie Liz and I saw the best local band Gunwife Gone (I think that is the name) they kicked ass, but I met the guy who produced or promoted, I can't remember, that song that goes...."DAMN, I wish I was your lover...."You know the one. I think that singer's name is Sophie or something? and I feel horrible I can't remember his name, super nice guy, the promoter or whatever he did, not the singer.

So I think that is it for this one, I have some "in the works pictures" but I will save them until I finish the projects and since you know the song I am talking about now that will be stuck in your head for a day at least. It was way catchy.

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