Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yipee for chalk!

It's already been a month since school started, and I was longing for the nostalgia of the smell of erasers and chalk but unfortunately I don't have to go to school right now. (Isn't it funny how you spend 20 years trying to get out of school and then all you want to do is go back?)
To feed my craving for school without all of the homework, I decided that I would like a message center. An original chalkboard, not a wipe off board, or a cork board, a real live chalkboard. These are hard to find unless you are a teacher in the market and don't have an instant gratification problem like I do. It was time for me to get crafty.

So I am recalling the hours of craft tv and I think "wait, don't they have chalkboards in a can?" Yes! Now I don't know if it is ok for me to plug this product in here but it's exactly what I used. Rust-O-Leum green chalkboard spray.

Now prepare your area and yourself... No really prepare yourself to turn completely green. There is a reason that the can says to use outdoors in a well ventilated area and not in your one bedroom apartment ON YOUR WALL! We thought the paper would be enough....
NOPE it was everywhere, well the powder was... but here are the work in progress pictures. One more thing, don't start this at 9pm. The clean up will keep you up and delirious until 3am but the fun never stops.

1. Tape and paper the surface you want to be your chalkboard. In fact, tape and paper your entire living space. (Can you tell this made a mess in my apartment?)

2. Spray the surface, clean your whole house, allow to dry for 24 hours and then look at your nice new chalboard. That isn't even the funnest part!

3. The surface has to be roughed up. But with the only thing that it should be roughed up with, CHALK!!!!

4. Then you get to clean it off and make out your message center. Mine is in the form of days of the week. But you could really do it for the whole month or just make it way fun and draw whatever you want on it.

On tuesday, I have to work on my helmet hair. Either you get it or you don't. I totally enjoyed this project despite all of the mess and I would definitely do it again. I would also recommend it to anyone who needs a chalkboard or just would like a fun way to decorate every day!

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