Thursday, September 6, 2007

Something new from something old!

So it's been a LONG time since I wrote anything and today I woke up feeling crafty. I have been thinking of my friend who is becoming "moderately rocking" with T-shirts. It's hard for an old dog to learn new tricks but with each tee he puts on he gets a little cooler. I am a big fan of tees and jeans but it was time that I learned some new tricks myself.

This is my favorite Led Zeppelin.

It's soft and perfectly worn in all of the perfect spots (Yes those are pit stains), but it is a boy's tee and so the sleeves are long and the neck is too tight. So I got a bullet and some whiskey, bit my lip and....

I cut into it!!!! First to go were the sleeves, I lined up the shirt, pressed it and cut straight up from the side "seam" press. Then I measured 1.5inches from the top logo and cut across. The 1.5 wasn't arbitrary, 1/4inch for the first roll of the seam casing and then 1 inch for the actual casing.

Now the way this tee was designed, the logo was higher than the armpits so those have to be sewed up so that you don't have huge vents while you wear it as a cool new tube top. This could have potentially looked bad, but it ends up making these decorative darts (totally by luck)

Now for the casing I mentioned earlier. I turned over 1/4 inch and then 1 inch and top stitched the casing. This only took a long time because I pinned and pressed and sewed slowly. I am an instant gratitude kind of person, but I really wanted this to come out well.

Casing done, now for the elastic. I had some non-roll 1/4 inch hanging around so I fed it through the casing sewed it together and sewed the hole closed. Be careful not to let the elastic twist, that would make you crazy. How long do you make the elastic? Duh, put it around your chest about where you want the top of your new crazy tube to fall. that's how much. if your tee fits you fine without the elastic then great, but for me with boobies, I had to make it a little gathered.

I then noticed I had way more gathers than I thought I would have so I positioned them in the back and smoothed out the front. I didn't want it to look like a pregnancy tube top. I straightened the front and sewed through the casing at the sides so I would still have a little pull in the front, but I could throw it into the washer and not have to restraighten the whole thing. So here is my new Zeppelin tube top. I am way psyched!

Not too bad. And can I mention how smart I was to take this picture myself in the mirror? I was pretty impressed. I'm gong to wear it to a good show we are going to go to in Washington D.C at DC9. One am radio. It's only gonna cost $8! Can you believe that! So cheap for such a good band? So convert your own favorite tee and go see a show yourself. More to come!

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