Monday, February 8, 2010

What to knit when you are expecting! (In the snow)

It happened really fast, we got married (see below) and then one month later we are expecting! I promise to put up more pictures more frequently but here are a bunch for now. First this is my belly at five months.
In case you didn't hear about it, Maryland is in a snow emergency. It isn't as much as all of the family gets in upstate NY but it's a big deal for us down here!! The kids across the street are loving it!! And yes it is 40 degrees outside.

We are supposed to get 6 more inches of snow tomorrow too. How will Maryland ever handle all of this snow? My family hasn't seen me preggo yet so this should be exciting to hear about!

And what to do when your belly is getting bigger and bigger and you are trapped in your house? KNIT! I didn't make all of these in one day, but you get the idea, there isn't a lot to do around the house. First a monkey, a bunny and a snake for Dylan. The bunny is my favorite and I think the monkey holds a strong resemblance to Joe (maybe it is the ears).

The monkey and the snake are made with self-striping sock yarn, and the bunny is this super plush handpainted wool Mom and I bought in NY. The bunny is the only one that gets to stay the other two get to go to new homes. I hope Dylan likes the snake! He's about 30 inches long.

And this one is my biggest project. Momo said she would make our little bundle a quilt and that she had some Hungry Caterpillar fabric (from the Eric Carle book). Well I had a lot of leftover yarn and a hungry imagination this day!
I think I will post a tutorial on this one because I had to make up the pattern, but this may be a big challenge for me. Also I would love to have the butterfly done so I could get both patterns out. Now the pressure is on my mom to get sewing!
That is a lot of posting for me. Especially since it has been so long. I promise I will keep you updated more frequently!

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SewDivaDiane said...

I can't believe how big you are!!! I love you!