Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're building a house and a person!

We're not really building a house, but we might as well have started from scratch!!! I have some in progress pictures! First this is me building a person.

The last post I think I was 5 months preggo, so hopefully this is as big as I am going to get. Eight months pregnant. The next bunch of pictures will be my motivation to show you why I am willing to hold this little person in for as long as possible!

This is what it looks like as you enter our house and get to the top of the stairs to the kitchen. Those stairs are unfinished and all of those boxes are our new laminate floors!!!!!! I love that the floors are here because this is what the floor looks like now...

Now this is the living room and as we walk through the rest of the house you will see why the entertainment center just had to stay right where it is.
Isn't nice to imagine having to wear flip flops all of the time because you may get a splinter when you have to run to the bathroom for the 100th time?

Now these next pictures are as you walk down the hallway past the living room. If you notice we went really classy with the bathroom door in the hallway... That is a shower curtain. Our door is a shower curtain!!!!!

Ok, wait a minute it's not all that bad, let's stop and look at our floors actually installed in a room that is (semi) done. I really do love them it's just... did you see the pictures?

When I say semi done, it's because our bedroom is actually my sewing room. The nursery, well it is only that in name right now and the only distinguishing feature that makes it a nursery is the fact there is a crib in it. If you squint really hard you can see it. But the floors are down and complete in both of those rooms. I do love my sewing room. And Joe worked so hard to put up the shelves and all of the totes to organize it.

Now you may ask, why are you sleeping in your sewing room? That is because our bedroom is construction central. Air compressors for nail guns aren't the most comfy pillows! And that is my closet with no doors and the beautiful contractor bags to keep the dust out.

But this is a teaser for the exciting master bathroom! The tiles are up! The bathtub is in (not in the bedroom anymore).

It is bitter sweet. Look at what is next to our beautifully tiled tub...

More construction stuff. And just because it is hilarious, and you saw our bathroom door, this is what your finished basement looks like when you have no doors to any of the rooms.

And now I am completely embarrassed. Well, very excited too!!! It is taking a while and did I mention that I am eight months pregnant? I can't imagine a more stressful time! It is coming together and as this little person grows in my belly my house is becoming more and more of a home, for him or her to grow up in! I hope you enjoyed the tour of my house and I can't wait to update you to when it becomes more complete!!!!

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SewDivaDiane said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Well, the floor that is done looks nice! And I think you need some more fabric for your sewing room! I love you!