Monday, August 2, 2010

Under Construction

While my little person is growing, my house is also becoming more of a home. I have decided to post each room as it gets done so you won't think I am living in constant construction. The first one done was Lenny's room and I am so proud of it!! Every piece came together perfectly and I really hope he will enjoy it as much as I do now!This is the basic setup as you walk in. I am sorry it is so dark. Now for the around the room tour.
This is his hand me down crib from our wonderful neighbors. Finding a crib was the hardest thing to do and when we traded a daybed for the crib and changing table, we both won!! I put these Ikea boxes under the crib for sheets and clothes that are too big for now and they luckily match the green of his dresser perfectly. The extra storage is nice too.

I also love how the alphabet in the frames came out. They were actually wall decals from Etsy that I put on poster board and framed. Now the alphabet is moveable, or can be changed out if he out grows them. Also, the long picture on the wall is a picture where babies come from, from Aunt Marsha. I had it framed at Michael's and it really means a lot to us!

This is Joe's great Grandmother's chair. It may look a bit spooky with the dragon faces on the sides, but I can't imagine another chair in this room. Joe has fond memories of his family members being held in this chair and it is comforting to know his child gets held in it now!It is soo comfortable for when I pump and enjoy Lenny's room!

Another semi dark picture. I hope I'm a better mom than photographer! But anyways, these are the curtains that I made. The letters were cut out for me from a seller on Etsy who did the mobile and I fused them on cheap Bed Bath and Beyond curtains. So for all of the window dressings it cost $35.00. Including the rod! Oh wait, I know the blinds were expensive, but those stay, the curtains I'm sure will be changed at some point so 35 bucks isn't bad.

This is my baby's dresser. Hopefully his big boy dresser too. Finding a wood dresser for under $500, that will hopefully be okay for a big kid, have enough storage, and match other things is a tall order. We didn't even have it when the baby came, but luckily I found this at the Room Store and it really does meet all of those requirements. Also it has these cool inserts on the drawers for pictures. Nothing is in them yet, but maybe when he is older he can make something to put in them! Now just a few details of cute stuff.
The dog we found on our baby-moon at an antique store. He runs when you pull the string. The basket was Joe's mom's picnic basket. He said that I could use it for whatever I wanted. I say why keep something in storage when you can look at it every day and use it? Oh and those are my beautiful floors. Finally installed. It is so nice not having to walk on ply wood!!

This is just the top of the dresser. Hopefully Lenny will play with these blocks at some point, but I can decorate with them now. The clown is a music box that Joe's dad bought for his mom. His first two boys hated the clown and they even frowned when I put it in the babies room. I like it and it is special to us, so I'm sure the baby will like it when he hears why it is in his room.
This is the changing table. Nothing too special here except it matches the crib, and you may notice we are using cloth diapers. We love using cloth diapers. We tried Pampers for 3 days and our poor baby's bottom turned into a wreck, not to mention we had our first blowout with them. Maybe it was us, or the poop, but we quickly changed back. They weren't worth the trash they made.And the inspiration for the whole room. The alphabet mobile I found on Etsy. The letters on the curtains were cut by the same person so they match. Hopefully Lenny likes looking at this when I change his diaper. I love looking at it when I am in the rocker.

So it's not too matchy-matchy, and hopefully things can be added or taken away and I won't stress about having to redo his whole room again, unless he tells me when he's five that alphabets aren't cool and he wants all race car stuff.... Oh I am getting ahead of myself again. I hope that we can enjoy this for at least five years.

The next rooms will be our master bathroom and bedroom. They are both done right now, but I want to take my time with these. And now I have to spend some baby time with my munchkin.
Here's a sneak peek at our new tub! He loves it!

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