Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching up

While my baby is doing this... I can finally update my blog. I know you aren't supposed to cover the baby with a blanket, but he loves it! Thanks Momo!
How pathetic, August was my last post! My kitchen is done as well as some crafty things to share today.
As well as gratuitous baby pictures!

This is my finished kitchen!! I love every inch of it! The hood doesn't let a bit of charred food smell into the house, the tiles wipe down so easy and the sink is big enough for a baby!I really should have straightened up a bit before I snapped that picture, but the above bambino only lets so much get done at a time.

Next is my advent calendar for next year. I imposed this project on myself to get it done in time for this Christmas so the pressure would be on to finish it. Hopefully my little boy will enjoy peering into each mitten next year as the days count down to Christmas! I tried to make one per day and I had to make up for the first week but believe it or not I finished!

Oh and a picture of Lenny enjoying his Christmas and presents!!
I have never made anything wearable for my baby. It was hard to believe for me too. So I present the Flying Helmet. My mom got this yarn from her quilt store and it was originally for socks. I just adjusted my gauge and got going on this.

I love the ear flaps and the point on the top. The top flap occasionally falls into his eyes, but it just makes for a fun game of peek-a-boo. Ok, now for the cutie in his hat
He really does like it!

And just one more because he is the cutest little pooper.
He is holding the yellow Moose from Nick Jr. There is also a blue bird to go with him that I made for him, but because of copy rights and my fear of getting in trouble you can imagine what two felt stuffed toys would look like.
He does love the sound of "Puzzle Time" and whips his little head around to see the moose and bird.

Wow, a whole post in one nap. Go me!


SewDivaDiane said...

Great pictures Adrienne! Lenny is too cute for words!

WhitBaum said...

I LOVE IT! I don't know why I have not seen it until now! I love the kitchen, it looks ABSOLUTELY fabulous! You'll never have to move again! I miss you more than I care to say and the pics make me miss the little nugget as well. Can't wait to see you two!